Feel this way -

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As I lay down, to take my rest,

The feelings I have now, I digest

I want to live up now, I can feel this in my breast

I sing about something, I want to feel this way,

I sing bout something, to make me feel this way,

Yes now, something, to make me feel this way

Hey yea, and I try

Every day that I'm alive

Cuz there is more to the picture, then meets the eye

and I seek to find it

As I lay down, to take my sleep,

The feelings I had was running deep,

But leave them alone now, you should not waste it on the night,

You know when nothing, can make you feel this way,

Yeas now nothing, can Make you Feel this way,

no no no Nothing, can make you feel this way, tonight

-Chorus/Part II (solos)

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art, music and lyrics Michael Jason © 2009

I created this song as an early experiment in Garage band..  I wanted to do something simple, and didn't even fully have the lyrics set out yet.. but knew the structure and feel should be for simple orchestration, so was eager to try layering tracks in Garage band.  It ended up being one of my favorite first attempts.  All music and art © Michael Jason

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