Deeper Down Now is one of my oldest songs..  I have many many derivations of this jam, but its usually a 6/8 part and a 4/4 part.  Sometimes with a swung intro, and most times with a time sig change...

The 2 bottom videos are instrumental arrangements on a baritone guitar and also use a looping pedal..  Much more raw stuff.. but help paint the picture of this song...  

I am excited to try playing them on my Novax guitar (when it is built that is...  come back and check in on that in my blog page)...   Bliggity the blogging frog as I call it...  While we're at it, if you're into that blogging stuff, i'm also on twitter @pazzmanmusic and holla at your boy...   I can't say that I'm the best tweeter, but it at least feeds in when I upload a youtube video, aaaand I sometimes get motivated to post cool stuff.

Heck Yea Y'alls.mp3 Heck Yea Y'alls.mp3
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The (mp3 above) is a multi-track spinn-off take that uses the apple loops drums for one of my 1st times.   

In the video (below) my guitar is tuned waaay low. Not sure exactly what note, but somewhere like in a baritone range.

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