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My name is Michael and I live in New York City -- But here on the internet I can interact with people from all over, and bring my art onto such a stage.  A blessing.  Truly.  Here I can share some things I'm tinkering with, and reach cool people all over the world.  That's pretty awesome.  

While music and photography aren't professional endeavors for me, they are more than just a hobby (as I hope this website conveys).  
Call it a hobby+ or a passion, I am trying to be more disciplined with my creation and presentation of mixed media art.

Hopefully everything here is fairly self-explanatory - I am trying to make it feel immersive and fresh, there are hidden hyperlinks to pages with content, and the site should be ever-evolving as new material is created and loaded.  Hope you enjoy!!

On this page are various forms of media that I create with.  Above are photos for you to view.  You can click on them individually and they will pop up, and can even download them for your personal use (please with credit, and feel free to pay what you think is fair/can afford for your use. Everything I receive I put right back into the art (and then some) -- this website isn't free for example, ya heard?!  and neither is my time to maintain it!? time=money, so the more time and art and stuff you want in here... well you get the idea..  but this is mostly about making the best art, and reaching the most people, so don't feel guilty enjoying the art even if you don't want to donate.

I have been playing music since 1996, starting with the guitar, then picking up harmonica and percussion shortly thereafter.  I have been writing songs ever since I started.  Taking photographs started around 2006.

Music is such a universal language, and in it you can express soo much.  This website is an outlet for my artistic mind.


all music, lyrics, and photos © Michael Jason