Harmonica - Tutorials - 1 Page of Resources - 

Hello Everybody!!

This is my website for my music stuff, but you stumbled across my secret hidden harmonica page. 

I love to play the harmonica (obviously) and this page will have a collection of ALL of the resources that I have made as well as some stuff that I have come across and found helpful. 

I hope you find it useful, the only thing I ask in return, is that you check out (and share if you like it) some of my original art and music.  And I have products linked here that I have found useful as well.

This was my 1st tutorial, and still my most popular one.

It is a great one for people just starting out, because it stands on its own.  A good melody and some theory on how to think 'bigger picture' by playing structured items on the harmonica.

This uses a C harmonica, but the same 'shapes' or progressions can follow on any key harmonica.


This one uses an A harmonica, and is an intermediate 'riff' that is kinda funky but not too tricky to play.   Just some good rhythem, and goes over chords as well.


Amazing Grace... Self explanitory ... Key of C harmonica 

Bending notes...  C harmonica...  

New Years Eve song.  Auld Lang Zyne..  C harmonica 

Harmonica in A... Stone Fox Chase!!  Yaay!! 

Some Blues/Jazz licks using A and E harmonicas

LOW RIDER (by war) on C harmonica! 

How to play harmonica...  

G harmonica!!!


C and A harmonicas playing STAR WARS! 

Piano Man, on a C harmonica. 

Happy Birthday... C Harmonica.