Light and exposure are integral elements to my photos.  I like to use the natural light in a scene to further evoke the mood; Letting the color and intensity shape and create the image.  

Somewhere in between a photograph and a painting.  Never using photoshop.

Thank you for checking out my images (and music!)..    

If you can not tell, it is just me (mike) creating all of this stuff, and I am in no means a web-designer or even fairly organized.  I hope that the art comes across in an original way.  I am always open to hearing comments, suggestions, and collaboration offers from any/all...   

Many many thanks for all the feedback and allowing me to take what I love to do further!!!

Below is a little site so you can contribute if you would like to.  It is more important to me however that you enjoy the art if you like it.  If you do have the means to contribute and feel happy about it, then by all means, please do!!  Cheers!!!  Mike.

# of images

# of images

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