always play with strangers


Here is a series I am constantly adding to;  I usually have a harmonica on me, and love to partake in spontaneous music creation.  Linked are some unique creations that are candid, honest, and stripped down.  I hope you enjoy. 

The video playing is immediately below (filmed in a van, unfortunately no/low light and it came out black)...   I met this musician seconds before the recording.



This photo is from the 1st time I ever recorded spontaneously playing with strangers.  A video from that session is also linked in the center.

For the record, I was the one taking this photo, and am not the other harmonica player on the far end of this music line.  I sat down 1st, and then a guitarist joined, and then another, and then when a 3rd came, the 2nd pulled out keyboard.  And then a guy came and fell asleep with a guitar closest, and then the 2nd harmonica player came.  So, no, that dude on the end that is fatter and balder then me (as of when I am writing this... siiighh) is not me.  PS lookout for undercover Rip Taylor taking a photo on the right.

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