Hello all..

So for those of you who don't know, I recently decided to try to play a different kind of instrument.

I very much like guitar, and have been songwriting since about 1996.  In a rhythmical and orchestrated fashion at times.  Like to use the harmonica to add lead lines and heads to songs..  Very influenced by jazz, and songwriters, soul music, bluegrass, and classical, and of course rock.  I also like to use bass riffs and funky stuff, and different tunings at times.

That is what drew me to the Novax guitar that Ralph is building me..  I knew I wanted something to accentuate that low end and orchestral rhythmical vibe, while also being similar to the guitar I was more accustomed to playing, and people were to hearing.  

I feel like I am getting a Stradivarius.  But custom.  I will try to blog about the creation of the instrument, and then you can start to hear my songs get translated and new music created on it when it is complete!